2016 Niles Scream Park – “Zendor Presents: Murphy’s Law – If it can go wrong, it will!

Only One More Weekend To Go (well 4 nights – this coming Friday to Monday night the 31st) for the 2017 Niles Scream Park / Niles Haunted House!!!! (www. http://haunted.org/)

Yes – I am behind on getting this notice out…. 🙁

This is my 11th year at this Scream Park however, is my 4th straight year only being the show developer and not a performer (As I’ve been performing at the same park in a different capacity for the last 4 years. See other posting). For those not aware, this is one of 6 main attractions at this park (not counting all the things one can do in the midway). The best way to describe this attraction / event is….

This attraction is a sit down theater type show where we do a different theme each year. Internally we call it a ‘magic’ show but externally we do not. Yes – we use magic principles but only to give us the effects we want for the show. My goal is to create an interesting and exciting story and visual stimuli such that the audience believes what is happening is plausible and suspend the audience’s belief, even if it is just for a short time. Entertainment!! We can seat about 100 people where about half of these are on the carpeted floor. The venue is not heated or air conditioned. We do have electricity. The low lying stage is only 2 inches off the floor and is 20 feet wide and 10- feet deep (this is not very much room at all). It is typically crowed on the stage each year.

For 2016:

With the input of 2 great and creative friends, where one is the performer, this year’s show took much more than typical for development and in making the stage set.

The Title / Bi-Line:
“Zendor Presents: Murphy’s Law – If it can go wrong, it will!

The Story Line:
Arrogant and a know-it-all – Murphy did not make the cut as being the president’s protector by way of the Secret Service. He thought no one is a good as he yet he did not make the cut. He strongly suspects it was because of one incident he caused (but it was a BIG one – It involved many fellow Secret Service personnel dieing). Unfortunately, you just don’t get the job when this happens. Instead, Murphy gets shoved into “protecting” one of the many ‘Federal Evidence Lockers’ throughout the states. In this case, he gets put in the Niles Michigan Facility.

He was told this particular Evidence Locker holds many of the items the Federal Government don’t want the people to know they have and needs to make sure it remains that way. Murphy feels it is just full of junk as he really does not want to be here.

You get to see Murphy on his first day on the job where he has to inventory the warehouse. He seems confident however, you can’t help but wonder if Murphy is nervous and I am now wondering that maybe Murphy is not as good as he thinks.

You won’t believe what the Federal Government has in this warehouse and what the government is really hiding!! Murphy finds several items of great interests and again gets too cocky (Who is this guy???)…… Come see the rest of the story and tell us: Murphy says his talents wasted. What do you say?”

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11/1/116 Update:

That is a Wrap!!  `185 shows this season at the Niles Scream Park / Niles Haunted House by Magician Dean Whitlock.  I am sure he is feeling it too….

I initiate the ‘take down’ efforts starting tomorrow (the least fun of the whole thing).  Special thanks to Gary W. and Dean for their great input and thoughts on the premise to this show.

And then…. need to start planning for next year

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