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The Secret to Hiring A Great Magician

The Secret to Hiring A Great Magician by Wayne N. Kawamoto

When hiring a magician, you want an entertainer who is professional, will do a great job, offers a fun show, performs great magic and makes your event memorable. Unfortunately, there are lots of so called “entertainers” out there who call themselves magicians, but do little more than put on bad shows, waste your money and embarrass you, the host. So how can you separate the bad magicians from the great ones? Here’s how.

Unfortunately, there is no certification for magicians. Anyone who buys a few cheap tricks from the magic or toy store can call themselves a magician. And many bad magicians, as well as incompetent clowns and characters do just that.

The first thing is to decide what type of magic you want for your event. Magicians generally perform two types of magic: stand-up/stage and close-up/strolling. In stand-up/stage, the magician performs a show that’s appropriate for small to large audiences that can include birthday parties, schools and theaters. The bigger the venue, the larger the tricks and presentation.

In close-up/strolling performances, the magician walks around at an event and performs “close-up” tricks using cards, coins and other objects. Strolling magic works well at open houses, cocktail parties, company picnics, holiday gatherings, hospitality suites, picnics and other events.

Insist on a Magic Pro

Professional magicians provide fun, magical shows, and it can take years for a performer to hone his or her show to the point that it’s a great one. Any professional these days should have a web site that offers information about them and their shows. And the top professionals feature videos on their web pages that let you clearly see the types of routines that they perform and their presentation and interaction with audiences. Comparing videos is an excellent way to evaluate a performer.

A good magician is flexible and can customize a show for a particular audience and age group. An experienced magician will ask you about your audience and event and tell you what he or she can offer to give you the best possible show. In general, percentage wise, there are more incompetent performers who try to perform at kids’ parties, although there are some who are less than stellar who perform close-up and at more formal stage shows.

Hiring the right magician for an event is important. You don’t want someone who performs mental predictions and mind-reading for a kids’ show. And you don’t want to hire a magician who only performs for kids to perform at a grown-up function. Again, a magician’s web site and video should tell you what you need to know.

Hiring for Kids’ Shows

As a general rule, any performer that offers a magic show along with face painting and balloons and games is probably not going to offer first rate magic. Many clowns perform a style of magic that they call “silly magic,” and most clowns admit that they aren’t magicians and can’t hold kids’ attention long with magic. There are high-level clowns who perform excellent magic shows, but they are rare exceptions.

If a costumed character says that he or she performs magic, this is likely to be a poor magic show. Many costumed performers purchase a few low-end magic tricks so they have something, anything, to do with the kids when they visit. There’s only so much that a person in a Sponge Bob costume can physically do. And it’s virtually a sure thing that the person in the suit is not a serious magician who has worked to create an entertaining show.

There are some accomplished magicians who wear wizard suits to kids’ parties and perform magic shows. Unfortunately, there are also costumed performers who purchase and wear wizard suits and call themselves magicians when they have no real show. In this case, it’s good to find out more about the magician. If he or she is a full time magic pro with experience and a good video, it’s likely that the wizard show could be a good one.

Bottom Line

There are lots of performers who call themselves magicians, but only a select minority truly offer entertaining and mysterious magic shows. Hopefully the tips in this story will help you to hire a magician who can make your event a fun and memorable one.

Wayne N. Kawamoto

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