Dec 22

Zendor was shown in the Lakeshore Light on doing 3 elementary shows!

Our local school system publishes a quarterly newsletter called Lakeshore Light. It generally tells what have been happening at each of the schools (Elementary, Jr, High and High) and any other important information.

Well, unknown to me, in the Winter Lakeshore Light, the event I put on at each of the elementary schools in late September was talked about and 2 pictures shown (see combine picture below)!
I am thankful for the opportunity to perform for all 3 elementary schools that day, thankful for great guidance, input, and help from Val Carr and Cami Ashley Cami and special thanks for to the Lakeshore Excellence Foundation (LEF) for sponsoring this wonderful event!


Dec 12

Free Public Magic Show 2/22/17 at 5:30 PM at the Lincoln Township Public Library Stevensville, Michigan

Because you asked for it we made it happen!

I will be at the Lincoln Township Public Library Wednesday 2/22/17 at 5:30 PM to perform a FANTASTIC magic show!  All ages are invited.  And it is FREE!!

You will see some totally crazy and amazing magic! I will need plenty of volunteers and there are some special surprises that you don’t want to miss.

This is NOT your typical Magic show!


There is limited seating.  I believe you have to sign up ahead of time.  So don’t miss this FREE public show and see Zendor LIVE!  Call the Lincoln Township Public Library (2099 W John Beers Rd, Stevensville, MI 49127) at (269) 429-9575 to reserve your seating.

See ya there!!


Dec 03

Had a WONDERFUL Time at the Christmas in the Village (Stevensville Michigan)

A special thanks to the Christmas in the Village committee (Stevensville Michigan) for having me perform close up magic for those in line for the sleigh ride. What a great festive event where everyone had a smile on their face! I got to meet many new people and found many young magicians among them! Hope to see you again soon!
Bob (Zendor) Wigent