Jun 24

ANNOUNCEMENT – The Humane Society of Southwest Michigan 5k Run/Walk – Saturday, June 27th, 2015 St. Joseph Michigan

ANNOUNCEMENT – The Humane Society of Southwest Michigan 5k Run/Walk – Saturday, June 27th, 2015 St. Joseph Michigan

Location: Silver Beach Center 333 Broad Street St. Joseph Michigan

Great News!  I will be at this fantastic event on June 27th between 8:30 am and 10:30 am performing Close Up Magic for all ages.  Be sure to come participate for a great cause!

See you there!!


Jun 09

ANNOUNCEMENT – Dr. KillJoy is Back for the 2015 Niles Haunted House Season – Niles Michigan!

ANNOUNCEMENT – Dr. KillJoy is Back for the 2015 Niles Scream Park (Niles Haunted House) Season – Niles Michigan!

He’s BACK!!

Due to NOT meeting the terms of his parole in 2014 – Dr. KillJoy had to come back to ‘work off’ his community services and we are taking full advantage of it! You see, the Doc really messed up last year and he got TURNED IN by one of the patrons (who would of done this?!?)! We can’t legally tell you his details (HEPA reasons) however; we are authorized to say that no one totally died……

But let’s not dwell on the past. This year he is sponsored by the American Association of EXTREME Experimenters and they got the Doc doing an outlandish DANGEROUS experiment.

Dr. KillJoy’s Motel 7734  NOT your typical fixer upper!

If you thought Norman Bates was weird – wait until you see what Dr. KillJoy has to do for an experiment!

Opening night is Friday 9/19/15 – first show is at 8:30 pm and is open the rests of the Saturdays in September and all Friday and Saturdays in October – through Halloween night! All shows are at the parks Outside Center Stage.

This will be my 2nd year at the Niles Scream Park (Niles Haunted House) in this capacity (http://www.haunted.org/).

Another GREAT time is to be had!

You don’t want to miss this!!

See all of you this Season at the Niles Scream /park!

Making Memories By Magic!

Bob (Zendor) Wigent – aka: Dr. KillJoy!!!

Dr KillJoy 2015 - B

Sep 26, 2015 at 11:42

Reminder: I am performing at the Scream Park again tonight! Stop by and see the amazing magic of Zendor The Magician!!


Jun 08

Community Fun Day Saturday, September 12th, 2015 – A FREE Public Show! – Stevensville Michigan

Here is an open public show you can come see me at!!  Community Fun Day Saturday, September 12th, 2015 – Stevensville Michigan

A lot of my shows are private but here is one that is coming up that is open to the public.

Community Fun Day

Lincoln Township Community Center

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Free Family Fun 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

I am on between 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm doing the famous Close Up Magic!  I will be working with and near the balloon guy!  This is my 4th year here!

See details on Facebook. Search for: Community Fun Day – Lincoln Township

OR go to the web page:    http://lincolntownshiplibrary.org/funday.html

Did I mention it is all FREE!!!!!!

Here is a pic from lthis event.


and another!

2015-9-12- Community Fun DAy Pic

Jun 08

FAQ: How did I come up with the stage name of Zendor The Magician?

FAQ: How did I come up with the stage name of Zendor?

Starting out in magic I did not know what to call myself. Bob Wigent didn’t seem a very interesting name.  I performed 3 to 4 years with no magic name. Thought of a few but nothing was outstanding. Even offered at the end of each magic show (birthday parties) for the kids to suggest (write) a name and if I picked it, I would give them $10. All suggestions were basic – with the vast majority being “The Magic Man” or a slight deviation of it.

Somewhere between 4 and 5 years my brother in law (Wife’s brother) suggested Zendor. After some thought I decided it had a good ring to it with some mystery, so I locked it in.

Later I find out there is a large family over in Europe somewhere with the last name Zendor, but never had a complaint.   And now, there are a few other ‘Zendor’s’ names out there.

The rest is history…………


2015 IBM 342 Library A

Jun 07

ANNOUNCEMENT for the 2015 ‘Zendor Presents’ show at the Niles Scream Park

ANNOUNCEMENT for the 2015 ‘Zendor Presents’ show at the Niles Scream Parkb (Niles Haunted House) – Niles Michigan!

My ‘Zendor Presents ‘All New’ Show at the Niles Scream Park (Niles Haunted House) is booked again for 2015! This will be my 11th year at the Niles Scream Park (http://www.haunted.org/).

Opening night is Friday 9/11/15 – first show is at 8:30 pm and is open all Fridays and Saturdays nights the rest of September and October (and a couple of Sundays) – through Halloween night!

You don’t want to miss this!!

Zendor Presents: The Ploy with the devious Viktor Novikov. Can you lead him astray?

All the way from Russia, Viktor is the world’s foremost expert in body language. Can you mislead him or will he prevail?

The Niles Scream Park found Victor Novikov in Siberia as it is suspected the Russian government was hiding him from his people and the world. You see, Victor is a super expert at ‘Reading’ people’s body language and expressions and maybe even scent (not in a psychic way).

At one time he used his skills to make a living however, he has been blacklisted for every gambling type event though out the world! This includes Vegas and world casinos. In fact, he has a chip embedded in him that identifies him as such.

He never finished high school and due to his record no one will hire him.

So his ability to make money is now limited to small out of the way places such as the Niles Scream Park and demonstrations with strict restraints on not being able to try to take money from attendees.

This is where the ‘fun’ comes in. In order to challenge Victor and make him sweat it, we set it up such that Victor’s pay is at stake. You see, if Victor can not correctly read some volunteers from the audience they get his pay instead of Victor! Kind of put the pressure on doesn’t it. We will give Victor 2 opportunities to pick his volunteers before they have a go for his money. For full disclosure – I had to financially chip in for this challenge to get the amount high enough to make it ‘interesting’. And here is the cool part: We made it such that Victor has no control over the winning of the money. His only control is when he selects the volunteers!

I can’t wait for this season to start!!

Until later,

Bob (Zendor) Wigent

Taking Bookings Now!!!  Don’t Wait!  Call Now 269-429-5744





Jun 07

The Magician’s Guild of Michiana, IBM Ring 342 4/16/15 Magic Show – South Bend Indiana

The Magician’s Guild of Michiana, IBM Ring 342 presented an evening of family entertainment at the St. Joseph County Public Library German Township Branch (http://librarytechnology.org/libraries/library.pl?id=61551) 4/16/15. Everyone enjoyed themselves!

Here are 2 pictures of my routine / contributions – The Extremely Funny Sorcerers’ Apprentice!

Bob Wigent AKA Zendor The Magician – Making Memories By Magic!

2015 IBM 342 Library A 2015 IBM 342 Library B

Jun 07

Going Full Time into Magic after 33 years of part time performing

Hi Everyone!

Bob Wigent here.  I am known as ‘Zendor The Magician!’

I recently decided to go full time into magic.  I am pretty excited!  I have a lot of updates to do on my fliers, music (am still working off of cassettes), and business cards (Only have an older style black and white card).

Will also post some pictures and other ‘happenings’ here on this Blog / Happenings tab.

Please feel free to call and ask questions.

Remember: This is not your typical magic show!!!!


Dancing Rabbit - Improved 1 5-17-15

High Class Magic!!