“Harnessing the Ancient Power of the Vampire” At The Niles Scream Park (Niles Haunted House)

The Niles Haunted House Midway Show is well underway.  Besides doing roaming magic in the midway I perform 1 time per hour at the center stage (almost under the big screen) as Eldridge.

Eldridge is the Human that takes care of the Master, especially while the Master sleeps during the day. However, why he sleeps Eldridge secretly siphons the fluids from his Master’s casket.  It is then processed, bottled, and sold on the open market (well – where ever Eldridge can get to without the Master finding out).  His companies name is “EEE LLC” (Eldridge’s Excellent Elixirs).  He sells this under the product name “Vampire Elixir”.

Vampire Elixir gives one the ability to self heal without the bad side effect of…well…being a vampire (healing is one of 2 desirable traits of a vampire.  The other being ‘living forever’.  Unfortunately, this one trait seems to be elusive in a drinkable form).

A volunteer is invited up on stage and given a small sample of this fantastic product.  Of course, we have to do a test to prove to everyone this stuff is real and really works!  We are not talking a little prick on a finger…we are going BIG to show how this works…..

Come see the show and find out how this turns out……..  The show is called “Harnessing the Ancient Power of the Vampire”

BTW: Does it bother anyone else that Eldridge, and therefore the Master, is in our area!?!?!




10/23/16 – One of the photographers at the haunted house happen to be by my midway show last night and took these 2 pictures. Thanks!

14691190_1349273758446632_3127283223391561563_o 14712877_1349273788446629_5176829947555147773_o

Update 10/31/16 – The 2016 Midway show is now complete and in the books!  I had a fun time with this!  As you can see in the pictures a few person ‘lost their head’ doing this show!

A special thanks to the hundreds of people that watched.

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