My Involvement in the Twin City Players “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

I feel humbly honored. A short while back I was asked to consult with our local theater group – Twin City Players – on methods and instruction to the actor on how to do 2 different effects that they thought might be accomplished using magic. I got to review the material and invited the actor over to my house to review. Although I have not seen the finished resulting product, their opening date is almost here.

The Play is “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and the dates are Oct 26 to Oct 30th. See their web page for details:

Thanks you Twin City Players for this fun opportunity and break a leg on your run!

Update 10/31/16 – I did get to catch the last how for this production.

The actors were AMAZING!

Steve (the person I worked with for the magic portion) did his magical bits wonderfully!

I hope to cross paths with the Twin City Players and the actors in the near future!

Wow!  I even got a Special Thanks in the Program (see at the bottom)!


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