Special Note on a 7 year old Birthday I performed for today.

I generally don’t comment on my private shows however the 7 year old birthday party I performed for today at the YMCA will be an exception.

The theme was “My Little Pony”.  Maybe this brings back memories of my daughter as she was into these waaaay back (are these even made anymore?).  The parents made a pretty big deal of making everything My Little Pony.

It appears the young lady had most their school class there and it was amazing watching how well they interacted.  There was hugging and excite everywhere.   There was definitely a ‘bond’ between these young ladies.   I hope they continue to grow up and retain this kind of camaraderie with most everyone.

Here are 3 pics from the show.

Special thumbs up for the YMCA.  Very impressed how much they assisted and facilitated the games.  GREAT job YMCA of St. Joseph!


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B 20160109152456(2 small)

B 20160109152456(7) small

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