Upcoming Magic show and write up in the South Bend Tribune

I am all excited!  I belong to the Magicians Roundtable of Michiana.  We finally landed an interview with the South Bend Tribune!

Not only did 3 of the members get interviewed, but we also got to perform on video (will be on their web page http://www.southbendtribune.com/).

All this was in concert with this magic club performing an upcoming magic show for the German Township Branch of the South Bend Public Library)

It is behind the Meijer Store at the intersection of Cleveland Road and Portage Avenue on the Northwest side of town. (52807 Lynnewood Avenue South Bend, Indiana 46628).

Show starts at 6:30 PM and will include 4 of our members – one being our youngest that will be performing a straight jacket escape!

So be sure to check out this Sunday’s South Bend Turbine (10/16/16) and think about attending the Magic Club’s Magic show 10/20/16 at 6:30 PM< (It’s FREE)

Special thanks to Rod for spearheading this by following the interview through to completion and being the lead on putting the Library show together!

10/16/16 – Here is the link to the article.


A video clip is down the article.


A 10/23/16 update to this 10/20/16 show:

The show occurred and to an extremely overflowing crowd!  The library had a sign up list that was to only be 50 people however, we think due to the news paper article the librarian said he counted 110 people!  And he had to advise even more that called in to reserve a set that they were beyond full!

Due to unforeseen circumstances I did get to perform.  Here are a few pictures of my performance.

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